In other words, every commercial insurance agent.


After all, anyone who works in this business has been through it. Over and over.

A renewal date is looming and the client has yet to provide the necessary information or take the time to start the process. You can’t really blame them. Chances are, tackling the details of their coverage isn’t something that gets them excited in the morning.  


Someone needs to stay on top of the process but, of course, you and your agents have all kinds of other things on the go. And let’s face it, pestering someone to complete a renewal isn’t something that anyone looks forward to doing either.


Make the Buddha do it.


The good news? You can let the Broker Buddha platform take on this challenge. Our Seven-Days-Away automated email reminders start seven days before the renewal date, and go out daily until the necessary information is provided and the application is completed. And the reminders continue if the due date passes and the policy still hasn’t been renewed.


Bring fresh efficiency to policy renewals.


What’s more, when clients do start the process, our onlineSmart Forms make it easy. With Broker Buddha, most renewals are completed in about three days.


Look, we realize this is still a people business and that agents remain critical to the process. In fact, we’re promoting great brokers through our Enlightened Agents series. So automated email reminders—even daily ones—may not work for everyone. Some clients will need a phone call, a visit, a lunch, a Steak-of-the-Month Club subscription—who knows what.


Going forward, however, increased efficiency will be the key to agency success. When your agents spend fewer hours on tedious administrative work, they devote more time to growing their book and building relationships. Our Seven-Days-Away automated emails are one more way make it easier and faster to secure renewals.



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Published on:

Wednesday, September 18, 2019