Custom Form Bundles for Commercial Insurance

We hope you are managing through this current situation as well as you can. And we want to remind you that we’re here to help.  We realize brokers are fielding all kinds of questions from clients who are concerned about the future of their businesses, and  anything that helps people do more in less time is appreciated. 

So we’ve pulled back on sales, focused more on customer success, and we’re rolling out new features faster than ever.  

Today, we’re excited to let you know about a major upgrade to our platform to help you be more efficient, Form Bundles.  You’ve been creating bundles of forms on the platform since day Web Links, already one of the most popular features on our platform, as well as in Applications.  They are a great way to standardize the way you gather client data.  

Now, “bundles of forms” have become Form Bundles...they are their own stand alone feature which can be used and reused in:

  • Web Links
  • Applications
  • Upsell Pages

Create Custom Form Bundles for your agency. 

This new feature helps you create more automation in the agency, as well as more customization and personalization.  It lets you define your own groups and create landing pages for individual form bundles or entire groups. 

Make a Form Bundle for Upsell, another set for a specific line of business, maybe one for new applications only—it’s all up to you. What’s really great about Form Bundles is that the ability to customize also increases automation. Required fields can be the same, Tooltips don’t have to be re-written, consistency is created across agents. In other words, once you make a Form Bundle, it’s ready to be used again and again with just a few clicks. 

If you’re already a Broker Buddha user, think of Form Bundles as Web Links 2.0. It’s an upgrade we think you’ll appreciate. 

If you’re not a Broker Buddha user, well, Form Bundles are one more way we’re making the process of insurance easier and less time-consuming.  That’s something agents can appreciate, maybe now more than ever. 

Looking forward.

No matter what the weeks ahead might bring, we’ll continue our efforts to bring new solutions to agencies. We are hard at work in development, and we’re giving our Customer Success experts all the tools they need to deliver the kind of service our users have come to expect. 

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Published on:

Thursday, April 16, 2020