Use Web Links for First Notice of Loss 

Right now, it’s the rare agent who isn’t spending a good part of their day talking to clients about the losses they’re facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being proactive and prepared when it comes to issues, especially filing claims, is something customers need from their agents right now. As challenging as this current situation may be, one silver lining is that it’s also an opportunity to strengthen client relationships. Helping them manage now will be appreciated and remembered in the days ahead, when we emerge from this crisis. 

Make it Easier to Complete the ACORD 1

One way we’re helping brokers be proactive? 

Web Links. 

This feature is helping our agency clients get the ACORD 1—First Notice of Loss—completed in less time. 

With the seismic changes in the world, business owners have no shortage of issues to manage. If there was ever a time to enhance the customer experience, it’s right now. Making the submission of the ACORD 1 as quick and painless as possible will definitely be appreciated.  

While most standard Business Interruption policies don’t clearly provide coverage for this current situation, carriers have indicated that agents should submit all claims nonetheless. And for clients, sooner is better. 

When it’s easy for customers to complete information in the ACORD 1, agents can move the process along in the least amount of time. Every agent who has received an email with the words TIME-SENSITIVE—and we’re guessing that is every agent at this point—knows that fast definitely matters right now. 

Commercial Insurance and Technology

Using Web Links to speed the ACORD 1 is  another way we make it possible to be proactive during this time of self-isolation. Face-to-face meetings and client dinners are not on the agenda right now, so tools that help you stay connected are critical, and our users are relying on our software more than ever before. Like just about everyone in commercial insurance, they are recognizing the power of technology in this moment of crisis. 

We’re Here to Help

We hope you’re managing during the COVID-19 outbreak, and want to remind you that we’re here to help in any way we can. Our Customer Success team is fully connected and ready to help with platform issues. 

If you want to hear how other agencies and their brokers are managing during these unprecedented times, join us for a free webinar on Thursday, April 2nd. Broker Buddha CEO Jason Keck will be hosting, and three top industry professionals will discuss the challenges and how they’re tackling them. It’s an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas, and you can register right here.

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Published on:

Friday, March 27, 2020