Broker Buddha for Carriers

Have you ever heard anyone involved in commercial insurance—brokers, underwriters, carrierm clients—use the word “fast” to describe the process? 

We’re guessing your answer is a hard no. 

Helping commercial insurance go faster. 

Our newest feature, Broker Buddha for Carriers, is a secure portal that speeds the exchange of information between agents and underwriters. With it, an underwriter can access risk information directly, download completed applications, engage in real-time chat with brokers to get questions answered quickly, issue quotes, and deliver policies. 

And guess what? Making communications fast and efficient can make a huge difference in the success of your business. (Entrepreneur) Customers, employees, suppliers—it makes everyone happy. When the ball is moving down the field, everyone is happier.  

At Broker Buddha, we’re all about making the commercial insurance renewal and application process as simple as possible, more seamless than ever before, and yes, a whole lot faster. To do that, we leverage technology to replace outdated practices. 

Get information without relying on paper forms or clunky PDFs, eliminate the endless back-and-forth between agents and their clients that makes the process feel like a slow grind, automate reminders when important dates are pending—our software already does a ton to transform the commercial insurance renewal and application process. 

But what about getting people to communicate more effectively? We know it's important. That’s why we’re doing more to improve the conversations that are critical to securing the right policy for your customers. 

More accurate? Check. More efficient? Check. Faster? Double-check. 

If your agency is using our software, you can start connecting with underwriters more efficiently right away.  Broker Buddha for Carriers comes free with your platform license.  

Take the stress out of commercial insurance. 

What causes anxiety in the workplace? (Okay, yes, it’s coronavirus at the moment. But let’s focus on what prompts it most of the time.)

Studies say the biggest stress-inducer for just about anyone in business—CEOs, CFOs, business owners, agents, employees—is uncertainty. Nobody likes not knowing—waiting for information puts people on edge. With Broker Buddha for Carriers, everyone gets answers faster, and policies get issued more quickly. Speed matters when it comes to client service, and when it’s added, relationships grow stronger. 

To learn more about our Broker Buddha for Carriers or our platform, schedule a demo on our calendar or send an email to We’ll walk you through the advantages we provide. Efficiently, of course. 


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Published on:

Tuesday, March 10, 2020