No weak links in our commercial insurance application.


Success in commercial insurance will always rely on the relationships between brokers and their clients. That's precisely why Broker Buddha is built to work within your agency web site—not as some sort of ancillary,third-party data collection service. With a landing page that features your branding and an embedded Web Link, we make the process seamless.


How do Web Links work?


With a Web Link, our application is embedded into your agency site so your clients can complete the application or renewal without feeling like they are working with an outside provider. To start the renewal or application process from your site, they simply click on the link. They’ll reach a landing page that is fully integrated and features the graphic elements you put in place. No hiccups, no confusion, no concerns about security—just a seamless transfer from your site to the crisp, inviting interface that we have created. Our software is doing the work in the back end, but your clients give you the credit for offering something that makes the process far simpler than it was in the past.


Agents love the ease of our Web Link, and many send it to customers through email. It prompts clients and potential clients to start the renewal or application process, and it’s so intuitive that most decide to complete it right away.


How will a simple Web Link improve operations?


Let’s start with how effective Web Links can be when it comes to getting renewals completed. Many of our users will tell you that the link is a key reason why the time it takes for clients to complete a renewal has been dramatically reduced. Most get it done in 3.5 days, and many return it within 24 hours.


As a new business tool, a custom web link on your agency site is powerful and cost-effective. For instance, before starting to use Broker Buddha, the Millward Agency of Highland, Utah, had considered developing its own content management system for new business applications. But after seeing how Broker Buddha functions, Wade Millward realized making that kind of investment didn’t make sense when our software could be easily integrated into the agency site at a fraction of the cost.  

For landing new accounts, Millward has found that the Web Link can be a real difference maker. In fact, he calls the link on his agency’s site “The Magic Link” because it automates the collection of data required to capture new business. He also loves that even if an application is only partially completed, the agent gains enough information to complete the kind of valuable, thoughtful follow up that lands business.  


A Broker Buddha Web Link is like an overnight site upgrade.


If you’re an agent or agency owner, you can be confident that clients and potential clients will have a positive experience when they click on a Web Link. That’s because we’ve invested in making our online Smart Forms as intuitive and straightforward as possible.  Many agencies have switched to our platform from others because they value the crisp Broker Buddha interface, and they find  it creates happier, more engaged clients.


With a Web Link, you earn the credit for everything that is good about the Broker Buddha user experience, since the link takes people to a custom landing page with your branding. Suddenly, you’re doing more than just adding speed and efficiency to the application and renewal process—you’re also enhancing your brand and bolstering your reputation as an agency that is committed to providing terrific customer service.


We’re hyper-focused on making commercial insurance a lot less complicated. With a Web Link on your site that takes users to online Smart Forms that feature your branding, we help you make better connections with clients and potential clients.









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Published on:

Wednesday, October 16, 2019