Weekly Report = daily productivity.

When you work in a commercial insurance agency, there are a lot of moving parts. Keeping track of everything is a constant challenge, which is why we invented our Weekly Report.

The Weekly Report is simple...like everything else we do.  Every week on Monday, agents on our platform receive one. 

The Weekly Report is automated and summarizes the status of your outstanding applications. You’ll know which applications have been sent, which ones have been completed, and who had tuna fish for lunch last Thursday.

Okay, so it won’t tell you who had the stinky sandwich that everyone in the office complained about. But it will give you the kind of information that helps you manage more effectively and efficiently.

Instead of fog, you get clarity and transparency.

“...we’re able to get a snapshot of our existing business and see what is outstanding. We can quickly see if a client needs a follow-up phone call or a personal email to get them started.” — Doug McOmie, Shield National

Instead of trying to gather information individually from your team or piecing together a look at all the activity at your company, the Weekly Report for admin users consolidates it all into one place. It’s a concise summary about renewals and applications that is easy to understand and offers a great snapshot of the current state operations. 

 It’s not just about keeping your finger on the pulse of your business, the Weekly Report helps you serve your clients better.  By knowing when dates are pressing or if there are issues that need attention, you can prioritize your time and deliver better service. 

Your customers are busy, too, and they count on you to help them stay on top of them. If you’re the owner of an agency, a CEO, a general manager, or managing a larger group of agents, the Weekly Report helps you provide the kind of service companies expect.

Information distilled for efficiency.

The Weekly Report is one more way the Broker Buddha platform helps agencies reduce the number of hours spent on administrative work. Instead of tracking down the news you need in all kinds of different time-consuming ways—consulting various spreadsheets, emailing, status meetings with bad coffee—you get a clear, concise summary that lets you plan action steps.

 Fact is, everyone would like to work more efficiently. Nobody likes ending a week and thinking they didn’t get enough done, or maybe worse, didn’t get to the really important stuff. 

But what do the most efficient people do? How do they work? You can find all kinds of opinions on this topic but here’s one take on seven things that productive people do.

We can’t help you much with #5, #6, and #7—although Broker Buddha users do report finding more time to enjoy life outside the office thanks to the platform—but #1 through #4 are definitely areas where our software makes a difference. 

Features like the Weekly Report are helping commercial insurance agency owners and managers plan their own schedules to maximize efficiency, save their valuable time for the most important work, eliminate distractions, and delegate responsibility for many tasks to our technology. (Hello, automated email reminders, pre-renewal questionnaires, and NPS surveys.)

Ready to find out more about how we help commercial insurance agencies?

Our goal is simple: help commercial insurance brokers grow their book by simplifying the application and renewal process for clients or prospects.

Would you like to get more done in less time? Do you want to set you and your agency apart through an enhanced customer experience? Are your ready to ditch tedious administrative tasks and put technology to work for you? If you are, let us know.

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Published on:

Tuesday, February 4, 2020