Make commercial insurance renewals even faster with Dynamic Forms.

If there is one thing we obsess about, it's moving the insurance journey from sloth-like to speedy.

Our newest feature that makes the application and renewal process even faster? Dynamic Forms.

With dynamic forms, you can provide a truly personalized experience for your customers while simplifying decision-making for your agents and producers. In other words, Dynamic Forms let you deliver a blow-them-away customer experience that is tailored, yet standardized.

Tailored, yet standardized?

Okay, we realize that sounds like marketing-speak. But hear us out, because it’s definitely not. Let's start with how Dynamic Forms make the process tailored.

It works like this:

• You create a custom intake form.

• Your customers answer the questions you have established.

• Based on their answers, they get the apps they need. And nothing else.

It takes conditional logic to the next level. Check out this example where we show different Directors & Officers applications based on how much revenue a client makes...genius!

Your customers won't see forms or fields that are irrelevant, and the process will match their business precisely. When insurance is this personalized, everything happens faster. You can expect response times to go way down, and the information you need in less time than ever before.

Okay, so what about standardized?

The custom intake form ensures that your agency is delivering the same outstanding client experience every time. Everything the client sees is based on protocols or rules you establish in advance. Agency principals can be confident that the correct process is being followed.

With Dynamic Forms in place, your agents can work more quickly. There are fewer decisions to make, so documents are sent without delay. Mistakes are avoided, efficiency increases, and it becomes far easier to onboard new agents and producers.

Why are Dynamic Forms big news?

It's simple: speed matters. 

Dynamic Forms remove road blocks that prevent your customers from returning the information agents need to bind coverage. Many of our users have asked for this kind of feature in the past, and we're excited to be the only platform to offer it.

If you're already a Broker Buddha user, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Success team for more information.

Not using our software? Let's talk about how we can help your agency work faster and be more responsive.

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Published on:

Friday, July 24, 2020