Our magic workflow includes an NPS survey to help grow your commercial insurance book.

Here at Broker Buddha, we’re intent on transforming the outdated commercial insurance application and renewal process. Our online smart forms make everything intuitive, easy, and less time-consuming for both agents and buyers. 

Our technology makes complicated things simple.

I bet you never thought it would be simple to grow your book. But Broker Buddha will enhance your customer experience, improve your retention rates, and increase your referrals.  It’s that simple.  

It’s all part of a streamlined workflow enabled by our platform. A work flow that is sort of like magic. A not-so-secret sauce. Whatever you call it, it works—our software is now used by five of the top ten agencies in the United States.

Our Pre-Renewal Questionnaire now provides a Net Promoter Score.

The workflow starts with our Pre-Renewal Questionnaire. It’s a simple survey—just four questions—that identifies changes to a client’s business. Finding out these details well in advance of the renewal process helps you prepare and gives you enough time to tackle any issues. It also identifies opportunities to upsell new lines. Simple and easy for clients to complete, it goes out 30 days BEFORE you start the renewal process—that’s why we all it Pre-Renewal.

We’ve also made the Pre-Renewal Questionnaire more valuable by adding a 1-Question Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to it. The results will let you know which clients are likely to recommend your firm to a colleague or friends. And which ones are not.

How does that help? Well, with one simple question, you’ll get feedback that you can use to drive more referrals or rescue a relationship that is foundering. It’s analytics that lets you determine which accounts are running smoothly and might be leveraged to help build your business, and which ones need attention if you want to keep them on board. Even better, it isn’t like middle school—you don’t have to awkwardly ask your client if they really like you. They’re automatically asked as they answer questions about changes to their business and insurance requirements. 

In a relationship business, your reputation matters. So even if the truth might occasionally hurt, getting an honest take on it will only increase your retention rates and help your business grow. Sunlight, after all, is the best disinfectant.

Our work is making commercial insurance renewals and applications less work.

The Pre-Renewal Questionnaire and the NPS Survey are all part of our efforts to strengthen relationships and make writing commercial insurance more efficient. Our process cuts the typical commercial insurance renewal process from over 20 steps to just five. Applications are returned in three-and-a-half days. And you’ll save one hour of time processing each application—consider how many you complete in a year and then start figuring out what you’ll do with all that extra time.  

Are you ready to start making work less work?


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Published on:

Wednesday, November 13, 2019