Your renewal process isn't all we're updating.

We're also constantly updating our software. Because we believe change is good.

If you’re a Broker Buddha user, you’ve probably already noticed some of our newest features. In fact, your comments may have been the spark for some of them. You see, we’re always seeking input from our customers, and turning that feedback into software upgrades.

Here are some of our latest software updates, with insight into using them to operate even more efficiently. And if you have any questions or some feedback of your own, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team. 

Service Requests 

• Find Form Bundles in Service Requests—team members will no longer need to individually select and add multiple applications 

• Mark a form as a Favorite so it can be verified without needing to be viewed first

Renewal Fields

• Turn items in a table into a renewal field to show the prior year value

• Mark all fields, including Yes/No questions, as renewal fields, and show the Prior Year value

Dynamic Forms

• Apply conditional logic across the entire application, as questions within one form will automatically determine which other forms are needed

Form Bundles

• Duplicate the Form Bundles and make links available to other team members so they can access them whenever necessary

HTML Signature

• Add images to your signature—just schedule a call with Customer Success to set this up

Policy Portal

• Use the portal to add more detail and create history that can be tracked

Relatable Schedules

• Save additional time—schedules within an application now communicate with each other

Required Effective Date

• Enable better data tracking—Effective Dates are now incorporated into every application during setup 

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Published on:

Friday, October 16, 2020