Start 90 days early. Worry less later.

Among the many things that can create stress for an agent, scrambling to get information as a renewal date looms is always high on the list.

Our  Pre-Renewal Questionnaire is designed to help reduce the anxiety that happens when a deadline is rapidly approaching. Our top agency clients send it out 90 days before a policy expires and features a short series of straightforward queries about the current state of operations at your client. We keep it simple enough that it takes someone just a few minutes to complete it.


Why is it helpful? Well, for many businesses, the only constant is change. Staff shrinks or expands, an office relocates, a new branch opens, the physical assets grow. If you know more about the way your client has evolved, you can use that information to suggest changes to their coverage—well in advance of the renewal deadline. You’ll avoid a last-minute rush to gather information and prevent errors or gaps in coverage that can occur when information isn’t accurate.

And if they haven't changed? Well, would it be nice to know?


Designed to alert agents about changes at a company that could translate into different coverage needs, the Pre-Renewal Questionnaire is a super-simple way to connect with clients and prompt action. Agents won’t find themselves rushing at the last minute to find different underwriters because a situation has changed, and they gain an additional level of protection if claims are made but information about the company was not accurate.  


Crisp, user-friendly interface.


Our Pre-Renewal Questionnaire offers the same intuitive, simple user experience that all our forms do. By getting this form early, it reminds clients that the process won’t be as tedious as it was in years past.


We often hear from agencies using Broker Buddha that our interface is a game-changer. It’s easy for clients to use, and that generates a positive reaction about a process most companies have wanted to avoid. Our 90-Day Pre-Renewal Questionnaire is another example of how our platform helps create connections between you and your clients, in a way that helps you retain existing business and project your professionalism.

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Published on:

Wednesday, September 25, 2019