Here at Broker Buddha, we’re always listening for good ideas.

One thing people have talked about since we launched is the floating Buddha that agents and clients see when they change pages on the platform.  You know...this one:

Simple, clean, and part of our focus on getting even the smallest details right when it comes to our brand.  

Many agents love it. Like us, they think it’s sort of Zen-like and helps people relax into the simple, intuitive process of Broker Buddha.

Others wanted to use our idea to reinforce their own brand.  And now they can.  

If you're one of those agents, you’ll be happy to hear about this new feature: Branded Screen Transitions. We make it easy to replace the Broker Buddha logo and the underlying text with your own branding elements.  

Available to all agencies on our Premier Plan.

If you use it, the only thing that changes is what you and your customers see when they change pages on the Broker Buddha platform. Completing Smart Forms remains as easy as ever, no matter which logo appears.

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Keep it simple, ya'll!

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Published on:

Friday, September 6, 2019