We take the pain out of Schedules.

If you work in commercial insurance, you know what it’s like to work with Schedules. 

Chances are, you would describe the process as painful. 

Schedules mean details. Lots and lots of details. And when you have to revise them? Tedious, to say the least. There’s also no escaping them—a detailed list of exactly what’s covered by a policy is essential. 

We have hundreds of Policy Schedules for Commercial Insurance. 

Here’s the good news on Schedules—our platform can make them a lot less painful.  Start with the fact that we have hundreds of them, so we probably already have the one you need. And if we don’t have it, we’ll build it—in minutes, not weeks. 

Most importantly, our Schedules Editor makes tracking changes far easier. Using our browser-based spreadsheet editor, we can make fields required and track changes across multiple rows and cells. For clients that have something like hundreds of rental vehicles, this kind of automation saves you hours of time. You can also export all the data easily into Excel or whatever spreadsheet tool you use. 

Easy to see and review Schedule changes. 

You won’t have to manually check changes or try to figure out what’s different by scanning through the spreadsheet. Our Schedules compare tool highlights changes and performs cell-level tracking. Changes are color-coded—RED for Deleted, YELLOW for Changed, GREEN for Added—so you can see exactly what data is different and how it has been revised. No more painful spreadsheet scanning.

What’s more, you can see which fields are required in each cell, and build your own custom schedules.  In addition to the editor, you’ll get an Import and Mapping Tool, and it all integrates seamlessly with AMS360. 

It’s one more way we make the process of commercial insurance easier for agents and brokers. 

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Published on:

Thursday, January 30, 2020