Sell more. Without doing more.


There’s really no better time to offer coverages than when customers are already engaged in the application process.


Trouble is, upselling is delicate. Stopping someone to say, “Hey, have you thought about this?” can be clunky. Push an option too hard, even when it’s important coverage for the customer, and it’s easy to come off like a hard-sell type instead of a professional building a relationship. Sometimes, a client may simply avoid adding coverage because they’re short on time and just want to finish the task of applying or renewing as quickly as possible.


Add agency revenue in just a few clicks.


With Broker Buddha, our online Smart Forms make the upsell seamless. As your customers begin an application or renewal, they can choose to get quotes for additional coverages through intuitive on-screen prompts—without the stress of filling out more forms or providing more information. Or they can decline and move on, but this simple nudge can make them realize they need something they haven’t considered before, like protection against product liability or business interruption insurance.


Automation and protection for commercial insurance brokers.  


If you’re looking to generate more revenue without adding work, this one is a no-brainer. With smaller customers, it’s an easy and automated way to add lines of coverage efficiently, and it might unlock some serious dollars when it’s a larger client.


Finally, the Upsell feature also covers you against claims. If a company ever claims they didn’t have necessary coverage because an agent failed to offer it, you have a record that will show they declined it.


At Broker Buddha, we’re all about saving time and helping you operate at peak efficiency by eliminating tedious administrative work. But we also want to help add something every agent or owner appreciates—revenue—and our Upsell option is one way we do that. 

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Published on:

Friday, September 13, 2019