August 7, 2023

Enhanced Tracking and Collaboration on Insurance Applications

UPGRADED: Assign Questions. Forget chasing down the correct answers on insurance applications, our latest upgrade will simplify exposure capture for insurance agents—and their clients.

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The latest release on Broker Buddha is a huge upgrade in the way insurance customers and agents can collaborate on the completion of a submission. In addition to the ability to assign forms, sections or questions to individual users, this release provides new review and tracking capabilities. It’s just the latest in our series of updates that distinguish Broker Buddha as the most advanced collaboration platform for business insurance in the industry. 

So, let’s dive into this exciting new technical innovation from Broker Buddha. 

What is “Assign Questions”? 

Assign Questions is a feature available to all Broker Buddha users designed to simplify collaboration as a part of the submission process for business insurance. 

Commercial insurance applications require information about every different part of a business.  Clients responsible for completing these forms rarely have all the information at their fingertips, often leaving them overwhelmed.  As a result, they will frequently make guesses to complete the application faster rather than go through the administrative effort of finding the people who have the information they need. 

Assign Questions allows clients and agents users completing an application to delegate responsibility for a form, section or question to a specific client user, reducing the possibility of confusion and elevating the client experience. Rather than scrolling through extensive forms to find relevant questions, client users are now directed to the questions they need to answer, adding clarity and ease to the process. 

For agents, the Assign Questions feature is a major benefit as the function further speeds up the returns process for forms. Accuracy is additionally improved by Assign Questions as clients are only responsible for providing information in sections relevant to them. 

What’s new with Assign Questions?

Tracking and Management - This enhancement to Assign Questions is part of our continuing commitment to robust and flexible technological solutions to insurance industry pain points. The enhancements is designed to: 

  • Simplify collaboration 
  • Enable progress tracking
  • Improve management of accountability for delivery of information
  • Help ensure accuracy
  • Speed up the process

The dashboard elements of the upgrade make it simple to track the progress of the submission. 

The feature’s dashboard elements mean agents also no longer have to scroll through entire forms to assess completion progress. Assign Questions make the review processes more efficient for agents and minimizes the potential for friction with customers. 

Wrapping Up

Business insurance can be a complex maze of insurance policies and coverage options for businesses to navigate. A lack of clear communication between agents and their clients can also exacerbate the problems, with back-and-forth messaging creating further misunderstanding or delays in addressing questions and completing claims. This is particularly frustrating for businesses who may be in urgent need of compensation. 

The Assign Questions upgrade has been specifically developed in response to the issues agents raise with their current working processes. When business insurance is done wrong, companies can end up with inadequate coverage that puts them at risk and can be costly to both the businesses and agents. With Assign Questions, the cumbersome process is streamlined and made manageable, reducing costs to all those involved and helping ensure companies are fully and correctly insured without overpaying for coverage. 

If you’d like to learn more about Broker Buddha and what we can do for your agency, book a demo today. 

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