Welcome to the Agents of Enlightenment.


When you think about “enlightenment”, your thoughts immediately turn to your insurance agent, right?  Probably not.


But wait! Enlightenment is about insight and knowledge. The literal meaning of it is, “…to be awakened.” Fact is, the last thing you want is an insurance agent who will put your business at risk because they’re asleep at the wheel.


An Enlightened Agent.


Why do we think these professionals are so important? Because no matter how much a technology like ours can simplify a client experience, we know insurance remains a business that runs on people.


Do you know an Enlightened Agent?

If you’re a CEO, a CFO, a General Counsel, or a Risk Manager, you know the value of an agent who is enlightened vs one that is mediocre.  We want you to tell us about the smart broker who spotted a dangerous gap in your old coverage. The expert who changed your carrier to secure a more affordable policy. The one who made the whole process of applying for commercial insurance way easier than it ever was in the past.  


We’re here to celebrate those people and we want to share their stories—and yours—to remind others that, in business, it’s always good when great people have your back. 

For them - we’ll send them something special...we’ll also write and share their stories on our website, social media channels, and everywhere else we can.  

For you - You’ll help them get more business and do them solid.  This is your way to thank them for being enlightened.


When you tell us about your own Enlightened Agent, you’ll be paying it forward. Building good karma. Having a moment of Zen.


Okay, sorry. We’ve got carried away there for a moment. Let’s get back to it.


All you need to do is send an email to dean@brokerbuddha.com and tell us you know an Enlightened Agent. We’ll follow up with you and take it from there.


We hope to hear from you soon.


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Published on:

Friday, September 6, 2019