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Wait. Comedy? 

What does that have to do with insurtech?

I'll explain.

Last week, my wife and I headed out to dinner and were surprised by a secret comedy show arranged by the restaurant. The show included a New York legend and a rising comedian who plays a character on one of my favorite TV shows. It was a great night.

Why? In a safety conscious city like New York, COVID-19 has made life pretty mundane.  So the surprise show and the shocking jokes were a welcome change.  

In the insurance business, surprises are NOT funny.  You have a much better chance of keeping your audience if you prepare them for changes.   

Avoid unnecessary surprises.

Obviously, I'm a believer in the potential of technology to change this industry for the better. I know our platform has the power to delight people. 

But I also realize that technology can frustrate. Especially when it’s not expected.

No matter how much they detest your current renewal process, your customers probably aren’t expecting a new one. That’s change, and change is something humans are conditioned to resist. If it's change that comes out of the blue, successful adoption becomes less likely.

Even when it's software as intuitive and easy as ours, it's important to avoid jarring your customers. Fill them in first. Let them know why you have started using the software. Explain a few of the benefits. Talk about how much time they'll save. That kind of advance work makes all the difference. 

Fact is, we know insurance buyers love the Broker Buddha platform—Net Promoter Score surveys  show that customers have a higher opinion of agencies that use our software—but managing the introduction of it is an essential part of a successful launch. It takes some commitment, internal champions, and clear communications with customers. The good news is that our people are ready to help, and we have tools in place to make it easy for agencies.

Invested in your success.

I believe our Customer Success team is as important as any bit of code in our software, and feedback from our users indicates the level of support they provide far exceeds expectations. 

But they can also help you with client communications in advance of your launch of Broker Buddha. And once your customers are using the software, you can choose to have them contact our team directly for technical support. 

Agencies that get the maximum ROI from our software make client communications an integral part of the launch. Together, we can eliminate surprises from the process and deliver a renewal process that enhances the customer experience and strengthens your business relationships. 

—Jason Keck, CEO, Broker Buddha

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Published on:

Wednesday, December 2, 2020