Selling commercial insurance software right now. 

Here at Broker Buddha, our approach to sales has always been collaborative—heavy-handed and aggressive just isn’t our style. We prefer to develop relationships, learn about the workflow of an agency, and take people through a straightforward demonstration that illustrates how our platform can speed commercial insurance applications and renewals.

Typically, the product sells itself. 

As the Chief Revenue Officer at Broker Buddha, I appreciate our approach more than ever as we all navigate through the COVID pandemic. Businesses and people are hurting, and a hard push on sales seems tone deaf. Nothing is easy right now for commercial insurance agents—policy holders are struggling to keep their operations going and many have seen their business evaporate overnight.

That said, we’re still focused on growing our company and expanding the reach of our software because we believe in our platform and the ROI it delivers. And we know our product can help agencies, both now and when we all make our way to the other side of the COVID pandemic. So, we continue to pursue leads and seek opportunities to demonstrate the value of Broker Buddha to agencies. 

Making commercial insurance easier and faster. 

Our platform automates tedious, high-touch tasks. At a time when people are working from home, when face-to-face meetings are forbidden and stress levels are high, increased automation benefits commercial insurance agencies more than ever. 

Post-COVID, the business landscape will be transformed. Sure, we’re all hoping to get back to our pre-pandemic lives as much as possible. But there is going to be a new “normal” and some of the changes introduced during this quarantine age will be lasting. Fewer people will go into an office every day, and meetings held in the stale air of a windowless conference won’t be well-received. (Hey, there’s a positive!) Those who have been slow to embrace technology will be forced to become comfortable and likely already have over the past few months.

Which agencies will succeed in this new era? My bet is on those that are fully tech-enabled. For some, that’s going to be a sizeable change and a real departure from standard operating procedures. 

Just to be clear, this won’t mean a decline in the importance of the broker-client relationship. In fact, agents who have the tools to make the insurance process easier will develop even stronger bonds with their customers and will be rewarded for improving the experience of commercial insurance. 

Usage of our platform is up. Way up. 

Right now, our users are relying on the Broker Buddha platform more than ever. In fact, over the last three months, the number of applications processed through it has tripled. 

Some of that can be explained by the shift to distributed workforces and remote work. But it also indicates that people are taking advantage of this time to make work more efficient. Many commercial insurance agents are handling business from home offices or dining room tables, often juggling the needs of both family and clients. And we’re all feeling a bit anxious, so getting more done in less time matters!

Our users get applications back in 3.5 days. Some report getting information back in minutes when it used to take weeks or months. That was exciting before COVID, but that kind of speed makes our platform even more valuable at the moment.

Fact is, we know we have a good product. And we’re excited that it’s proving so beneficial to agents during these challenging times. 

Change is good now—and later. 

It might seem like a strange time to take up a transformation of your current application and renewal process. I get it—it’s easier to think about simply maintaining what’s in place, considering all that’s going on.

But here’s the thing. If you lean into change now, you will be in the best position to succeed when things get back on track. 

In other words, investing in technology and a solution that makes the insurance journey faster will pay real dividends post-COVID. Trying to catch up once we reach the other side will feel, well, like you’re playing catch-up. 

That’s why I would welcome an opportunity to show you how our platform can benefit your agency. Again, no hard-sell—just a straightforward discussion about our software and the benefits it provides. 

Benefits that will be great now, and even better in the future. 

Sean Harvey, Chief Revenue Officer, Broker Buddha

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Published on:

Friday, May 15, 2020