New Hires in Customer Success

When Broker Buddha launched, designing an intuitive, crisp interface was Job #1. But we always knew that even the best user experience needs great people behind it. 

That’s why our Customer Success Team has been hyper-focused on helping our clients get the most value from our platform. And as our growth continues, we’re adding more talented people to this group. Recently, we welcomed  Alessandra Rohde and Jan Pierre—you can call him JP— Villacres to our Customer Success team. 

Alessandra Rohde

Alessandra has previously worked in the entertainment industry, both as a talent agent and in a forward-facing customer service role at a software application used by film and TV production companies. After spending years booking actors for voice-overs, it’s no surprise that she has a great phone voice. She’s also super smart.

JP Villacres

Before joining our team, JP was at Apple—a little tech company you may have heard about before. He’s also been an account executive for a company that imports shrimp, bananas, and cocoa beans into the United States. He speaks fluent Spanish. And oh yeah, he also did a year-long internship at the UN. In other words, he’s an interesting guy who knows how to connect with people.

So if you’re not using Broker Buddha, we just added two more reasons to schedule a demo and try it. And if you’re already working with us, JP and Alessandra are ready to help you leverage all that it can do.

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Published on:

Thursday, October 3, 2019