We're adding developers at Broker Buddha.

As we continue to add users and update the features of our platform, our team is growing, too. We’re pleased to announce that we have some new faces on the development team at Broker Buddha. 

Chris Ewald

Born in New York City, Chris grew up in suburban New Jersey, a place he’ll staunchly defend if you insist on trashing it. Along with his time in NYC, he had stints living in Toronto, Berlin, and Melbourne. Prior to joining Broker Buddha, Chris was a software engineer at GitHub and a full stack developer coach at Raise.dev. Before immersing himself in development, he worked as a music producer and engineer, contributing to the Grammy-nominated House of Balloons.  What else? Well, Chris is actually very interested in Buddhism—and not because we have Buddha in our name. He practices meditation, makes time to go on retreats, and is studying to become a teacher. 

Michelle Nguyen

Born in Saigon, Michelle traveled with her mother and brothers to join her father in the United States at the age of four. Her family settled in Louisiana, and she had a career in sales before deciding that programming was the career she wanted. Last year, she packed her bags and moved to New York to study at the Flatiron School of Software Engineering and surprise people around the city with her stellar Ping Pong skills. When she’s not working at Broker Buddha as a software engineer, she likes to read about programming— nerd alert—play video games, and watch charming YouTube clips of puppies and kittens.  

Sukrit Walia

Born in New Delhi, Sukrit moved to New York City with his family at the age of five. His curious mind led him to leave his family home at 16, and finish high school before embarking on several years of work and travel. His previous job experience was in sales—hey, another developer who can talk to people!—before deciding to pursue a career as a software engineer. Sukrit likes to spend his free time—another nerd alert—reading about code and new technologies. He also studied at the Flatiron School, where he built on his self-taught skills before joining Broker Buddha. 

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Published on:

Tuesday, January 28, 2020