We recently attended the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB)'s Insurance Leadership Forum and met with leading insurance agency executives from across the country—and the globe—during the five-day event.

Hosted in Colorado Springs, the Insurance Leadership Forum (ILF) drew together over 900 global business leaders. Broker Buddha was one of only five software companies that attended this year's ILF, reflecting our unique position as a leader in the broker software industry.

Broker Buddha: In the Room Where Insurance Happens

While attending the 2022 ILF, Broker Buddha held executive-level meetings with both current and prospective clients where we shared our story, vision, and values. Because industry incumbents can’t invest in innovation due to their private equity ownership structure, many ILF attendees were intrigued after hearing about our plans to drive future change and innovation. Plus, our commitment to a diverse and inclusive working environment and a streamlined way of processing insurance submissions had broad appeal among the agency leaders who care about both.  

Broker Buddha is the only venture-backed startup focused on the client digital experience that attended the 2022 ILF. By doing so, we've poised ourselves to be part of some of the most important conversations and collaborations that are currently happening in the insurance industry.

At Broker Buddha, we use online smart forms to simplify insurance applications and renewals, improving agency profitability while enhancing the customer experience. We know how valuable everyone's time is—and also know that it shouldn't be wasted on administrative minutiae.

Given the multifaceted challenges facing the insurance industry, innovation is key. Companies are creating and implementing corporate goals to advance digitization which can provide their clients with a better experience and support employee retention efforts. Broker Buddha's workflow tools and smart forms can help companies achieve these goals.

As we reflect on this year's ILF and prepare for next year (to be held in late September/early October 2023), we plan to continue Broker Buddha's mission to eliminate the monotonous administrative work that so often frustrates dedicated insurance professionals who are protecting the businesses that shape the world.

We look ahead to our vision—a connected, digital world where business owners can quickly and efficiently get insurance through a simple, attachment-free online experience. And our actions will continue to reflect a company-wide commitment to Broker Buddha's core values of simplicity, transparency, reliability, and openness.

ICYMI: What is the ILF?

The CIAB is the premier association for top commercial insurance and employee benefits intermediaries throughout the world. CIAB members include the top innovators in the industry and place about 85% of U.S. property and casualty insurance premiums.

The CIAB encompasses a number of more specialized forums and programs, including the Legislative & Working Groups Summit, the Employee Benefits Leadership Summit, the ILF, the CFO Conference, the Council Academy, and various working groups that help industry leaders tackle their day-to-day challenges.

Since its first meeting in 1914, the ILF has been the annual marketplace meeting for commercial property and casualty industry members. This forum has a rich tradition and history, and it is designed to connect top-tier broker executives with carriers and other strategic partners like Broker Buddha. The ILF notes that it offers five days of "high-level business strategy, relationship-building, market intelligence, and business discussions," and our quality experiences at the ILF only confirmed this.

The insurance companies and representatives that attend the event are generally concentrated on commercial property and casualty insurance, and the ILF itself is largely meeting-driven. At the 2022 ILF, Broker Buddha took full advantage of the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some of the top insurance carriers in the space.

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Published on:

Thursday, November 10, 2022