The NPS and commercial insurance: clients love Broker Buddha agencies.

Agencies using Broker Buddha can activate a feature on our platform that makes it easy for their customers to complete a 1-Question survey and provide a Net Promoter Score. When activated, the survey is part of our Pre-Renewal Questionnaire and delivers instant feedback about the state of a client relationship. 

What's more, agencies that use Broker Buddha have terrific Net Promoter Scores. 

That’s no surprise to us. Companies are rating the agency as the renewal process begins. Instead of a last-minute scramble, they’re completing the simple Pre-Renewal Questionnaire and getting ahead of the process. If they have renewed on the Broker Buddha platform previously, they already know they’ll be able to provide information without getting eye strain from all those teeny boxes on a typical ACORD form. They know they’ll get everything done in far less time than they did in the past. They know their agency has embraced technology and taken steps to make the insurance journey far less arduous. 

It all translates into: Hey, I really like my insurance agency.  

Broker Buddha agencies have high Net Promoter Scores.

Fact is, Net Promoter Scores of agencies on our platform consistently land at Nine or higher. And that’s during a pandemic, when businesses are struggling and frustration with insurance coverage—along with just about everything else—is high.

When someone provides a NPS of 9 or higher, it means they are likely to be a booster of the company and promote it to friends and family. It’s further proof that customer experience matters, and agencies that take steps to improve it will be rewarded. 

Maurice FitzGerald, author of a book about using NPS and a former leader of Customer Experience at the software division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, says, “It speaks to people so well. The simplicity of communication is absolutely why NPS is the standard.”

Have you activated the feature? Do you post your NPS on your site? 

Some of our users have not activated the NPS feature on our platform. What’s holding you back? At least two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies are using the NPS, and making it part of the Pre-Renewal Questionnaire couldn’t be easier. It’s integrated into our Magic Workflow, so it doesn’t require an email or, even worse, an annoying phone call. 

During this era when face-to-face contact is limited and remote work is the current Normal, using the NPS survey will give you insight you might otherwise miss. You’ll find out which clients can be leveraged to grow your business, and be alerted if there is a customer who needs some extra attention to ensure retention. 

And if you are using the survey, make sure you post your score prominently on your website. The NPS is only growing in importance, and it could be a real difference maker for you when prospects are considering your services. 

It's one more way that Broker Buddha agencies stand apart from the competition.

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Published on:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020