When you’re not the only game in town, competing on price is not an option. There are always competitors who will offer their services for less. Successful businesses differentiate themselves through powerful technology, modern design, and world class service to deliver a unique & memorable customer experience. These five organizations have found the exact formula to build long-term customer loyalty, so that their clients return again and again.


This tax preparation platform is consistently ranked number one for customer experience because of the way it simplifies an incredibly complex process. TurboTax guides customers through their tax filing with a simple UI while providing a detailed, searchable knowledgebase, an online community, and a variety of video tutorials. If you use the paid version of the program, you can ask questions through the SmartLook feature, which connects you directly with a tax specialist through one-way video. Those that want a bit of additional support can set up the TurboTax Live package, which entitles you to a one-on-one appointment with a certified public accountant to ensure everything is accurate before you file. TurboTax has turned the complexity of filing tax returns into a quick, convenient customer experience.


When it comes to customer engagement software, Intercom is the go-to choice for organizations of every size – and in every industry. Their primary claim to fame is an all-in-one consumer experience platform. Instead of investing in the development of chatbot technology and live chat features, Intercom’s clients trust their customer service to Intercom’s software. The results speak for themselves, with consistently high ratings on ease-of-use and quality interactions for end-users. Intercom has simplified the process of acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers.


Anyone who is responsible for organizing meetings knows that it can be a nightmare to coordinate multiple schedules. Calendly aims to take the angst out of this process with a comprehensive tool that includes a number of innovative features. Salespeople are particularly happy with their increased ability to connect with prospective customers, which improves overall sales numbers. Clients rave about Calendly’s customer service, and the platform has attracted some big names. LinkedIn and Zendesk are just two of the major organizations that rely on this software.


In a mobile-centric business environment, nearly every professional relies on apps. Unfortunately, getting these apps to communicate with each other is a challenge. Zapier aims to solve this problem with technology that is simple enough for anyone to use. This platform makes it possible to connect business apps in a way that automates certain tasks and activities. Zapier users consistently name two features when they explain why this system is a must-have: the fact that you don’t have to write code to use the app, and the fact that you can use basic features for free. When it comes to productivity and business applications, Zapier is the number one choice for customer experience.


High-quality email communication is critical for building your brand and growing your business. However, creating and maintaining a clean customer mailing list is challenging. There are all sorts of regulations surrounding this sort of communication, and if your organization sends excessive unwanted messages, you could face costly consequences. MailChimp takes on the responsibility of maintaining your list with seamless additions and a fool-proof opt-in/opt-out system. Clients are constantly amazed by how easy it is to automate this process, so they can reach their target audience.

At Broker Buddha, we use all of these tools and have been inspired by them.  We know that powerful technology and a great online experience can help to build trust, but know that it’s not a replacement for real relationships.  For information on how you can leverage technology to transform your insurance agency into a customer experience powerhouse, visit Broker Buddha.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018