November 11, 2022

They have questions. Our insurtech has answers.

Commercial insurance renewals happen faster when customers get answers quickly.

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Answers to commercial insurance renewal and application questions.

“Hey, what does this part mean?”

“This is super confusing.”

 “Can you give me a call to help me figure this out?”

 You can count on it to happen. Like clockwork. There’s a section in a renewal or application form that raises questions. Consistently. And for the umpteenth time, you find yourself spending talking or emailing with a client or potential client to get the answer sorted out correctly.

 It’s not that your customers lack intelligence. Don’t forget that if they’re completing a renewal, it’s something they do once every twelve months and probably forget about until the following year.  Applications aren’t easy either—required information may be unfamiliar or it may be a new company with people who have limited experience when it comes to securing insurance coverage. Even when your customers are being guided through the process by our online smart forms, they might find themselves stumped by a question, or fail to provide the correct information, or leave a section incomplete.  

 Once you start using our insurance agency software, you’ll quickly see how much easier our smart forms are to complete when compared to old-school PDFs or paper versions.  They’re intuitive, with a crisp interface and as much pre-filled information as possible. But they also make it less time-consuming for you. And one way they do that is by making it possible for you to offer assistance—without even picking up the phone or replying to an email.

Insurtech that solves problems.

With our Tooltips feature, you can explain complicated questions in advance and they’ll appear to your client in a way that is familiar to anyone who has filled out forms on the Internet.  This way, your clients can keep moving instead of stopping to call you or, even worse, get so frustrated they set the whole thing aside for a later time. We all know what happens then—the renewal or application form sits there, unattended and lonely, until you’re forced to make the calls or send the emails that restart the process.

 Do you know that clients are consistently unsure about exactly which people should be tallied in the total employees count? Have you regularly seen instances when customers fail to add necessary information about a subsidiary? Are you concerned that a client consistently forgets to list all locations?

 With Tooltips, as customers complete a form, the tips that you have included in the form will pop up. You can use them to provide clarity, reminders, or both. Plant them in the right spots, and you’ll be rewarded with information that is complete, correct, and ready to send to carriers.

 Our crisp interface makes Tooltips hard to miss them and easy to access. Not only will you benefit by not engaging in the back-and-forth of emails and phone calls, your clients will appreciate using them. It’s another way that agencies using Broker Buddha make the customer experience seamless and professional.

 Of course, we realize this is still a business built on people and relationships. So you may still want to call a client to check in and see how things are going. But instead of needing to say, “Hey, I just got your information and there are a few things we still need and a couple of places that don’t seem complete,” now you can say, “Hey, I got all the information and we’ll process the renewal right away. How is everything else going at your company?”

Insurance agency software that provides more time for the important things.

 The best part is that you only need to insert Tooltips once. After they’re added, they appear every time a client or potential client uses that online smart form. Which means you’re getting credit for delivering a great customer experience as you actually get extra time to grow your business, explore a new market, or leave the office early to get in a round of golf.

 Tooltips are one more way we help you reinforce your position as a trusted adviser instead of, well, a nag. After all, nobody likes a nag. But we all appreciate a colleague we rely on for expertise.




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