If you are like 90 percent of the brokers out there, you are using an Agency Management System to keep your business in order - policy information, customer files, emails, internal documents and more. But while Agency Management Systems do the job of helping you track client information, policies and carriers, you’re probably still gathering data for applications old fashioned way - time consuming emails, phone calls, paper and PDF forms and even fax machines.

We’ve worked hard to simplify this process for you by creating a huge library of Smart Forms to collect information which we transfer to your Agency Management System - elevating the entire insurance broker & client experience into the 21st century. Here are the three main problems with Agency Management Systems and how we solve them.


Agency management systems usually force you and your workforce to modify how you do things to fit their configuration - instead of the other way around. While customizing an interface is sometimes an option, it costs money and rarely means you are getting things exactly the way you want them. With our fully customizable and interactive forms you can build the framework for the data that the AMS will manage before it even goes in, giving you freedom and flexibility that was simply never possible before.


Trying to organize and manage your client’s info in an AMS is often time consuming and downright frustrating. That is because most of these systems were built for an insurance industry model that simply doesn’t exist anymore. Expansions to the system may have been added to accommodate new features, but that just usually builds more complexity and convolution and often mean more manual workflow for you or your staff. Integrating with Smart Forms gives you the ability to bypass much of this complexity and simplify your life again. Our easy-to-use and completely customizable Smart Forms eliminate the need for repetitive actions by combining everything into a streamlined, user friendly single platform.


In today’s world of supercomputing, there is not reason you should need to wait for a computer to do anything for you. But Agency Management Systems are SLOW!  We’ve seen pages take 20-30 seconds to load.  It feels like FOREVER. Modern architectures allow for high availability infrastructure that can scale up fast enough to make sure performance is never an issue. Hosted in the cloud on Amazon’s Web Services, Broker Buddha is easy to understand, simple to use and fast to respond.  

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Published on:

Wednesday, August 15, 2018