Here at Broker Buddha, our mission is to bring innovation to commercial insurance through technology for brokers. We are working to reinforce their role at the center of the ecosystem by giving them the tools that help create incredible customer experiences, and build deeper relationships with their customers and carriers.

We do this by simplifying the entire application process for commercial insurance - in a way that  empowers brokers and helps them build trust.

Simplicity is also what you’ll find our stories. We’ll share everything about what we believe with you...not just the tools we build, but also how we communicate. In the first entry I’m happy to introduce you to - Simplicity, by Broker Buddha.

What you’ll see here is an engaging mix of stories related to our mission. It will be a resource to understand the insurance industry - pain points and how they’re being solved. You’ll see posts like ‘PDFs are the Devil - Solving Major Pain Point of Carrier Supplementals,’ general stories on data and privacy, along with pieces on the future of the industry.   

Our belief is that great customer experiences are at the heart of great business practice, so we’ll also look at how some existing companies really nail it - like Mailchimp and TurboTax. We’re also planning to showcase interviews with industry experts - people like you - our customers - to hear more about best practices.

And, of course, we will use this platform for product announcements, so that you know what to expect and when.

We have quite a bit planned, so stay tuned. We are just getting started here.

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Published on:

Sunday, August 12, 2018