As a CEO, I believe that support and training don’t end after your first week... whether you are an employee or a customer with us. That would be crazy!

We are always here to provide answers and take care of our clients.

Everything we do is designed to make things easier for you. It has always been my goal to adapt our business to the ever changing insurance environment, and I am so proud of what we already  offer to independent brokers.  This includes:

Comprehensive Training  

When you join Broker Buddha we get you started on a "ramp up week,” to get you as familiar with the system as possible. This includes 3 one-hour meetings in the first week training you on the platform and getting you familiar with the basics.

For more on our training check out last weeks post: What Happens When I Join Broker Buddha

Weekly Check In Calls

Each week, we will touch base see how you’re doing. Having a call each week not only helps us build a great relationship but I like to have a proactive approach to problem solving and consistently touching base allows use to do that.  

No more pre-filling forms

When I learned that account managers and CSRs pre-fill renewal applications every year before sending them to clients, I was shocked.  I guess it’s just standard practice, but that was an obvious place where we could help.  With Broker Buddha, your customer success manager will pre-fill your forms in the first year and once the data is stored in the platform, you’ll never have to pre-fill again.  The platform does it for you.    Hallelujah!

During the entirety of our relationship, it is our mission to make the new process as compatible with the old as possible - a process we continue to streamline and upgrade as time goes on.

Comparison Reports

Whenever a customer submits a renewal application using Broker Buddha, you can easily compare their answers from one year to the next.  This makes it simple to decide what to do with the account.  The Customer Success Team preloads all customer data into the system for you, and the Comparison Report is generated automatically when your customer submits. Pretty cool if you ask me.

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Published on:

Thursday, November 15, 2018