March 26, 2024

How Broker Buddha Impacts Your Client Relationships

In a nutshell, increased time with clients fosters trust and strengthens long-term client relationships.

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Chances are that what you enjoy most about being an insurance agent is that you love helping people. You thrive on building relationships, understanding their needs, and crafting personalized solutions that bring them peace of mind. But let's be honest, the mountain of paperwork and administrative tasks can feel like a prison wall, keeping you from the human connection that truly fuels your passion.

Wouldn't you rather spend your time on what truly matters: deepening client relationships? 

Broker Buddha can be your secret weapon, tackling those time-consuming tasks and streamlining your workflow while delighting your clients and giving them the digital experience they expect. This newfound freedom allows agents to shift their focus to the most rewarding part of the job, building trust and becoming credible advisors for their clients.

So, let's dive into the typical woes of an insurance agent, how Broker Buddha can resolve them, and how agents can better spend their new free time. 

The Agent's Time Crunch: A Pain We All Know

Agents spend roughly 60% of their time on administrative tasks and processes. But what time-consuming and monotonous tasks does this typically include: 

  • Data entry: Manually inputting client information, policy details, and risk factors into various systems.
  • Quote generation: Gathering client info and researching quotes from multiple providers.
  • Policy management: Processing applications, issuing policies, and handling changes or updates to existing policies.
  • Renewals: Renewing existing policies, including contacting clients, collecting payments, and managing paperwork.
  • Claims processing: Assisting clients with filing claims, liaising with adjusters, and ensuring smooth claim resolution.

So, within an eight-hour work day, after spending 60% of their time on these administrative tasks, agents only have three hours to do what they love, using their expertise and experience to help their clients. But thanks to Broker Buddha, we can change that.  

Broker Buddha: Your Time-Saving Superhero

Broker Buddha is designed with agents in mind to make their lives less monotonous, easier, and more enjoyable. 

One such example is our RESTful API. Many opportunities require agents to receive completed applications from their customers. Broker Buddha's API allows agents to automate the creation of those applications, pre-filling them with data they already have and sharing those applications with the right contact. 

Our field mapping tool also allows data to flow between carrier forms to prevent re-typing the same answer and hidden sections that only reveal relevant questions to the user. 

Broker Buddha also helps simplify renewal processing with automated reminders; this eliminates the need to send nagging follow-ups by using our built-in automated system to schedule personalized messages. The Assign Questions feature allows agents and their clients to delegate responsibility for a form, section, or question to a specific client user, reducing the possibility of confusion and elevating the client experience.  

Broker Buddha's flexible, robust technology simplifies agents' workflows. It saves, on average, one hour for every application processed, meaning agents typically receive completed applications from customers in just three and a half days. 

So, with all this extra available time, what should agents do? 

Extra Time, Extra Impact

By eliminating monotonous data-entry tasks from their day, agents can spend time with the people who matter: their clients. 

Agents now have the time for in-depth conversations. Instead of a quick quote and policy issuance, agents can work with clients to understand their business better and advise on ways to reduce risk and, ultimately, premium rates. For example, do they have a cybersecurity policy?  Do they provide effective training for employees?

Knowing this information allows agents to become better advisors, build stronger customer relationships, and provide peace of mind.

Greater free time also allows agents to educate clients on complex insurance topics, helping them make informed decisions. For instance, insurance coverage can be complex to understand, so patiently explaining the difference between getting General Liability or a Business Owner’s Policy can go a long way.

In a nutshell, increased interaction fosters trust and strengthens long-term client relationships. By streamlining administrative tasks, Broker Buddha empowers agents to become more than just brokers. Agents become trusted advisors, educators, and risk mitigation partners. This deeper client engagement leads to stronger relationships, increased client satisfaction, increased retention, and a thriving insurance agency. 

Are you interested in automating data-entry tasks and freeing up time to give your clients an enhanced and insightful experience? Book a demo today. 

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