August 10, 2023

4 Operating Practices Used by the Most Enlightened Agencies

Discover our Enlightened Agency pyramid to help guide your agency on its journey to digitalization and ensure you’re following digital best practices for the insurance industry.

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Investments in digitalization are already making a clear difference within the insurance industry. For instance, one automotive coverage insurer converted 40% of policyholders to their service, partly because of a simple online sign-up process.  

Ensuring your agency is digitally mature and following best practices is one way to prevent wasted time for agents. Moreover, highly-digital agencies grow an estimated 70% faster, highlighting the need for agency digitalization to stay competitive

For agencies wanting to understand their level of digital maturity and follow industry best practices, we’ve created the Enlightened Agency pyramid to help. 

The Enlightened Agency Pyramid 

Too many agents are still using paper-based applications and renewal procedures combined with multiple phone calls, emails, and questionnaires conducted manually. Clients and agents can be forced to manually fill in repetitive exposure data in a time-consuming and error-prone process. For agencies seeking that lightbulb moment, they should seek to consolidate their systems and workflows to streamline digital processes, improving efficiency and, in turn, client satisfaction and retention. 

Level 1- Most Agencies: The majority of agencies are currently at the base of the pyramid. These agencies have reorganized their operations to align better with their customer segments. For instance, the US is geographically large, so splitting into West, Central, and East helps target customers who may prefer working with an agent in their time zone to improve speed and efficiency. 

Within these geographical areas, further segmentation by industry vertices, such as transportation, construction, and healthcare, further improves the customer experience by ensuring they can reach a specialist for their vertical.  

Level 2 - Many Agencies:
The next level of the Enlightened Agency pyramid involves the standardization of agency management systems (AMS) to ensure they are using the most effective option available. This is particularly important for agencies that may have undergone an acquisition or merger that has resulted in multiple AMS use across operations. 

Standardization, therefore, is a minimum expectation from this level that enables a greater overview of the client base, improving data visibility and reducing the need to transfer data between systems manually. Costs can also be saved by eliminating the need to maintain multiple systems. 

Level 3 - Some Agencies:
As we move down the pyramid, we reach a handful of agencies that have already standardized their AMS and have begun examining their workflows and processes. Agencies at Level 2 of the pyramid have refined their operations to ensure the most seamless experience for clients and agents alike. 

Consistency with procedures, such as new client onboarding and claims processes, means customers can become confident and familiar with company procedures. Standardization also helps reduce errors and inconsistencies, making for more cost-effective and efficient operations. 

Level 4 - Enlightened Agencies: At the top of the pyramid, agencies leverage Broker Buddha’s technology to deliver the best possible customer service. Migrating to the cloud and adopting automation are key ingredients for becoming an Enlightened Agency, as they enable time-saving functions such as eSignatures and automated reminders to streamline operations. 

By harnessing the power of technology with Broker Buddha, agencies can enhance the client experience with intuitive smart forms that automate processes and provide branded client portals to track the status of their application, renewal, or claim.

An Enlightened Industry

As more and more agencies become empowered by their digital transformation, we’re excited to see the effect of that change in the industry. As long as the administrative details are taken care of, agents can lend their time to other critical activities like improving customer service, cross-selling policies, and completing Continuing Education requirements.  

With Broker Buddha, agencies see a turnaround of customer applications in as little as three and a half days as required fields and natively integrated eSignatures help speed up the process. With automation, agencies save as much as one hour for every application process—an incredible amount of time if it were to be multiplied across the industry.

If you’re looking to become an Enlightened Agency, get in touch and book a demo via the Broker Buddha website to start your journey.

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