Gaspar Insurance Services Adopts Broker Buddha.

Launched 12 years ago, California-based Gaspar now has more than 50 team members and offices in five states. Split 50/50 between business and personal lines, its growth has been fueled by hard work, drive, and a commitment to constantly improve operating efficiency. 

Enter Broker Buddha. 

Success. Even for the technology-averse.

When our platform was introduced at Gaspar in 2019, however, many of the company’s employees were already struggling to work with a new Agency Management System. While some quickly embraced our platform, others resisted. In fact, as Commercial Lines Account Manager Sherry Mendoza recounts, her reaction was similar to others and could be summed up as, “Nope. Not another thing thrown in our laps. Can’t do it.”

It’s safe to say that our timing was less than ideal. But agency founder Tim Gaspar championed our product, and our Customer Success experts provided training sessions that raised the comfort level of his team. 

Mendoza’s own story reflects the journey of many at the company. 

“After resisting, I had a couple of one-on-one training sessions and got it down. Now, I am beyond thrilled. And at this point, I don’t know how we could live without Broker Buddha.”

Today, everyone on Mendoza’s team has embraced the platform, and she notes, “...they love it as much as I love it.” 

“We start 90 days in advance of a renewal. Previously, we would expect to have at least 10 followups. But when we submit through through Broker Buddha, our insureds seem to get everything done first time asked, usually within four days.”

A recent report showed that our platform had sent 4,600 emails to insureds on behalf of Gaspar. In other words, 4,600 emails that would have been managed by the agency team were now part of a seamless, automated process. 

Efficiency and ROI.

Chief Operating Officer Enid Turner is laser-focused on generating efficiency at the firm, and says she has three questions when evaluating any third-party service provider. 

“Do you make us better/smarter/faster? If I have a problem, can I remedy it easily because I can quickly reach a live human being? Are we able to actually convert that efficiency into some kind of savings or revenue growth? For us, Broker Buddha delivers on every one of those.”

Turner added the platform, “...allows our staff to be less harried, and that means fewer mistakes are made.”

Happier insurance agency customers.

Broker Buddha has also improved the customer experience, strengthening relationships and improving retention. 

Turner explained, “...when we get renewal applications late, they get to the underwriters late so we’re getting the quote late, and insureds get really crabby. Broker Buddha accelerates the process, so instead of always playing catchup, we can be proactive. That’s the key to keeping clients happy—insureds do not like to make buying decisions at the last minute.”

Agencies that embrace our platform wind up with energized employees and happy clients. And the cycle at Gaspar is not uncommon for agencies that work with our platform—some initial resistance among the technology-averse is followed by successful adoption and reactions like, “How did I work without this before?”

Let’s talk about how we can bring new efficiency to your agency. 

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Published on:

Tuesday, February 16, 2021