An underwriter sets out to improve the insurance policy renewal process.

Industry veteran offers Sage advice.

Chuck Holdren started in the insurance industry as a file clerk while still a high schooler in southern California, and there’s not much he hasn’t done during his career as an agent and  underwriter. He has started and sold two operations, managed over $500 million in premiums, and developed specific expertise in workers’ compensation. Throughout all his years in the business, however, one thing has always struck him.

"The insurance journey has rarely been pleasant," he said.

He’s surely not the first to recognize that fact. But when Holdren founded Sage Program Underwriters, he was adamant about changing it. His agency was going to implement technology whenever possible, and use it to gain the efficiencies that other industries have long enjoyed.

“I’ve been following Broker Buddha for some time, and was intrigued by what it could mean for customer experience,” Holdren recalled. “When I started Sage, it wasn’t long before I reached out—I knew the platform would make the insurance application and renewal process easier for both the broker and the insured.”

Why this commercial insurance broker app?

Let’s be honest—there is no shortage of insurtech offerings in the marketplace, all with plenty of promises about efficiency, automation, and accuracy. As a new company without legacy technology, Holdren had a blank slate—he could begin working with any software out there. So why did this commercial underwriter choose Broker Buddha?

 “After starting and selling two companies, I know that every business evolves as it grows,” Holdren said. “When I looked at my insurtech options, especially for insurance renewals and applications, I wanted a platform that would be flexible. I expected to have  to make changes on the fly, and I wanted an application that could help me manage those twists and turns.”

But it’s not just the intuitive online experience of Broker Buddha that has convinced Holdren he made a great decision. The Customer Success team has been critical for him, typically making adjustments or solving any issues within 15 minutes. For a guy who is wired to move quickly, that responsiveness has made Broker Buddha an ideal fit.

 “When I reach out to the Broker Buddha team, the responsiveness has been phenomenal,” added Holdren.

Making  it easier for both broker and insured.

So far, feedback from the brokers who work with Sage and Holdren has been incredibly positive. Most note how easy it is to use the Broker Buddha platform, and find the learning curve far less steep than it is with other insurance broker software. The documentation of everything adds a layer of confidence, while the automated email reminders prevent renewals from slipping through the cracks. Some brokers have recounted getting submissions back in ten minutes or less.  

Insureds have also praised the software. Many brokers have noted that even their most technology-resistant clients have embraced the use of Broker Buddha, especially once they work with it and experience one of those, “That’s it?” moments. After all, there’s not a single person in the business world who wishes they could spend more of their valuable time securing insurance coverage.

 Age means Sage.

With his current company growing and the Broker Buddha platform making the commercial insurance application and renewal process more efficient, Holdren is feeling positive about both his firm’s future and the prospects for the industry.

 “Look, I’m old enough to know I don’t know everything,” Holdren noted, laughing. “But as a specialist in often underserved industries like transportation and shooting ranges, I realized long ago the commercial insurance process is way too complicated, especially for companies with complex coverage needs. I’m happy we found a solution that changes that.”



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Published on:

Tuesday, January 14, 2020