TechAssure Virtual Summit 2020

We miss conferences for the insurance industry. We really do. 

Sure, there were travel hassles and last-minute stress as we tried to pack everything we needed. But it was energizing to get out of the office, connect with like-minded insurance professionals, and immerse ourselves in the industry. 

During this pandemic, we’ve become all-too-familiar with the replacement known as “virtual.” Like a lot of you, we’ve also found it’s virtually impossible to recreate the excitement and buzz of an in-person event when we’re all staring at screens, possibly wearing sweat pants.

But last week, the TechAssure 2020 Virtual Summit got pretty darn close. 

Garrett Droege and his team at TechAssure exceeded all expectations—this was no boring collection of webinars pretending to be a conference. The Summit may not have been in Bermuda, as originally planned—ouch—but it was truly immersive and engaging. The content was dynamic, the presentations were thoughtful and relevant, and the online discussions connected everyone in a way we haven’t experienced at other virtual events.

We were thrilled to sponsor and participate in this year’s summit. Our CEO, Jason Keck, was also part of Tuesday's Innovation + Insurtech panel discussion. While we hope we can meet in-person next year—who doesn’t?—this year’s virtual version was a truly positive experience. Thanks, TechAssure!

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Published on:

Tuesday, October 27, 2020