In late September 2022, more than 30,000 insurance and tech industry executives, entrepreneurs, and investors convened in sunny Las Vegas for the world's largest annual gathering of insurance innovators. Members of the Broker Buddha team were among this crowd, with CEO Jason Keck speaking on a panel at the BrokerTech Connect session. Additionally, during another event session, Holmes Murphy CIO Ellen Willadsen discussed her company's success in using Broker Buddha's platform.

ITC Vegas: Showcasing New Innovations, Increasing Productivity, and Reducing Costs

Insuretech Connect (ITC) Vegas is held over several days each fall in Las Vegas. This convention focuses on connecting attendees in the insurance tech spheres with new innovations, tips and tricks to increase productivity, and ways to reduce costs to provide better support for policyholders. Attendees leave ITC Vegas with expanded knowledge of new offerings and, hopefully, some ideas on how technology can be implemented to improve the client (and insurance employee) experience.

This event also provides networking opportunities, and more than 75,000 meetings were conducted over just three days at ITC Vegas 2022. The Broker Buddha team made good use of these opportunities, meeting with current clients in person as well as connecting with other thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and prospective investors over the three-day session.

ITC BrokerTech Connect

Along with these networking opportunities, Broker Buddha CEO Jason Keck spoke at the ITC Broker Tech Connect session on September 20.

Many insurance brokers and other industry professionals have been told that insurtech solutions are intended to disrupt or even eliminate the pivotal broker role. Not only does this fail to account for the value the broker brings to the client-broker relationship, but it also doesn't mesh with reality. Far from being relegated to the background, brokers are leading the charge toward a more tech-savvy future.

The BrokerTech Connect panel discussed the resurgence and revival of the tech-minded broker during the half-day "Fueling the Tech-Enabled Broker" event. Jason discussed some of the ins and outs of fundraising as a startup, and the challenges Broker Buddha has faced—and overcome—in offering client-centered solutions to businesses.

Broker Buddha scored another mention at ITC Vegas during Chief Innovation Officer Ellen Willadsen's talk. Willadsen discussed her company, Holmes Murphy's, partnership with Broker Buddha and the success her company has experienced in using the platform. Check out this case study for more information on Willadsen's experience and how the BTV Accelerator brought Holmes Murphy and Broker Buddha together.

Moving Forward with Broker Buddha

Although the ITC Conference routinely attracts tens of thousands of professionals in the insurtech sphere, Broker Buddha was the only company in its space that attended ITC Vegas 2022, leading the conversations on innovation.

As a startup, it's crucial to be a part of these early conversations and to be where decisions are being made. Events like ITC Vegas are at the forefront of innovation. Broker Buddha is committed to refining and improving processes to eliminate inefficiencies and provide an all-around better client and provider experience.

From blockchain and e-signatures to ever-shifting federal and state regulations, insurance is one of the most quickly evolving industries, with more competition than ever. Progress in this sphere can only be made when individuals take proactive steps to improve client interactions, increase efficiency, and lower costs. With all this said, the attendees at ITC Vegas 2022 have one thing in common: they care about improving the way insurance is done.

Broker Buddha is eagerly awaiting ITC Vegas 2023, scheduled for October 31 to November 2, 2023. In the meantime, the Broker Buddha team is excited to see what further innovations and efficiencies we can help develop.

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Published on:

Friday, October 7, 2022