November 11, 2022

Borden Perlman

New Jersey-based Borden Perlman uses Broker Buddha to reduce the hours agents spend on administrative tasks, creating more time for high-level advisory work.

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Even with 105 years of history, this family agency never stops looking ahead. 

As part of the fourth-generation of leadership at an agency launched in 1915, Jeremy Perlman was immersed in the world of insurance and risk management long before he joined the company in 2015. Conversations about the family business were a part of growing up.

Still, when it came to technology, he was, “...and continues to be shocked by how far behind other industries insurance seems to be.”

Using software to make commercial insurance  more efficient.

While the managing partners at the Trenton-based firm, Doug Borden and Jeffrey Perlman, had always pushed the agency to embrace the benefits of software applications, Jeremy was eager to find  ways to operate more effectively. With Broker Buddha, he found a solution that made it possible speed the process of renewals and applications, allowing his team to work more efficiently. 

Just as important as the time it saves, however, is the way the platform helps build relationships with clients.

“Yes, we’re brokers, but we view ourselves as consultants for our clients,” Perlman explained. “To make it possible for staff to have more time for high-level advisory work, we need to help reduce the time they spend on administrative tasks related to applications.”

Perlman also activated a Chat function on the platform that lets the agency’s clients connect directly with the Customer Success team at Broker Buddha if they have questions that are specific to the software. That's been especially helpful.

“I expect our agents and producers to be insurance experts—not technology pros. This feature means they don’t have to be.”

More information creates better conversations.

Now that clients fill out their applications and renewals with intuitive online smart forms, turnaround times are much faster. And agents get a fuller picture of each client’s situation. 

“On accounts with automatic renewals, we weren’t always able to discuss new coverages or how changes at the business might require policy adjustments,” Perlman added. “Now we have a way that makes it easy for clients to provide more complete information, and that can prompt valuable conversations.”

The agency has also been able to tailor the platform to suit their specific needs. Borden Perlman is one of the largest writers of rail-related coverage in the United States, but there has never been a standard supplemental for this industry. With Broker Buddha, the agency was able to create a custom commercial lines application for rail, and eliminate the clunky PDF they were forced to use previously.

Managing business insurance during COVID-19.

Like all agencies, Borden Perlman has been managing rapidly evolving client needs and its own remote workforce during the COVID pandemic. Perlman noted the software has been particularly helpful now that people have a new work dynamic. Fact is, few clients want to print, sign, scan, and return a renewal form during normal times. But it can be even more frustrating now that people are working from home 24/7, and maybe relying on an aging black-and-white printer that always seems to be running low on ink.

Recently, Perlman and his team even used the platform in a way they had not imagined before, and streamlined the claims process during this time of coronavirus. 

“Coverage issues are obviously complicated at the moment, but we sent out a message advising our clients to file claims if they suffered losses,” Perlman noted.  “We worked with Broker Buddha to put together a customized claims intake form. Our agents are notified when it’s completed, and they can quickly go in and set up the claim. It’s a lot easier for customers, and it makes us as responsive as possible during these challenging times.”

Adapting, evolving, improving—it's how this agency has remained vital and growing for more than 100 years. While core values have never changed at Borden Perlman,  new ideas are always considered. And the best ones are implemented.

Goodbye time wasted.
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