Faster Responses

Get applications back from clients in 3.5 days, not 3.5 weeks. Pre-filled applications, Smart Forms and eSignature

How does Broker Buddha help me get client submissions back faster?

When your clients can fill out forms online instead of using PDFs, it’s easier for them to respond quicker.  Plus, with integrated eSignature, there’s no printing, scanning, faxing, or manually mailing documents.

When you send renewal submissions to clients through Broker Buddha, each submission is pre-filled with prior year data to reduce keystrokes and speed response time.

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Broker Buddha


How Does Broker Buddha Help With Commercial
Insurance New Business Submissions?
How does Broker Buddha help with Commercial Insurance Renewals
How does Broker Buddha help my agents save time
How does Broker Buddha help me improve my client’s experience
How does Broker Buddha help me get client submissions back faster?
How does Broker Buddha eliminate tedious work?

“Now we have a way that makes it easy for clients to provide more complete information, and that can prompt valuable conversations.”

“The platform brings an enhanced customer experience, and a faster renewal process that is far less time-consuming.”

“Broker Buddha has proven to be a huge time-saver for our teams and created a better experience for our clients.”

“If you’re bogged down doing things the way you always have, you’re not going to grow.”

“We knew our clients were happy when the applications came back and without a peep.”

“If you keep adding clients, you need to keep adding people—unless you can leverage technology.”

The most efficient agencies in the country are on Broker Buddha.

Borden Perlman
HUB International
Holmes Murphy

In Summary

  • Saves Account Executives One Hour For Every Application They Process
  • Time Saved Can Be Used To Drive Incremental Revenue
  • Time Savings Come From Offloading Monotonous Administrative Work
  • Clients Respond Faster Than Ever Before
  • Employee Morale Improves Thanks To Process Automation