What makes clients respond so quickly when they get applications through Broker Buddha?

PDFs are designed for printing and not for editing on a computer, so the effort it takes a client to complete an application on a PDF is significant. Not only do they have to figure out how to add text to a page and fit it into a small space, but then they have to print, sign, scan and then email it to you. On Broker Buddha, clients can answer questions in the browser easily and sign it digitally. Also, because applications are pre-filled with prior year data, it's much easier for clients to update and submit.  Broker Buddha also sends gentle reminder emails on a periodic basis to your clients.

How long does it typically take for clients to respond when they get applications through Broker Buddha

Every client and agency is different, but on average, applications will get back to you in 3.5 days. Many firms report that necessary information is sometimes returned in just minutes.  Many firms report that necessary information is sometimes returned in just minutes. 

How much time will agents save on each application they process?

Most agencies on our platform tell us agents and producers save at 30-60 minutes on each application.

How do we know if the ACORD, Carrier Supplemental or other forms we need are in your library of online smart forms?

We have thousands of forms already available as online smart forms, and we add more every week. But if you happen to need a form that isn’t in our library, just let us know—we’ll digitize it before you need it. And if you want to create a form that will enhance your own operations, we'll work with you to create that as well.

Can we create and customize our own smart forms?

Yes. Many Broker Buddha agencies do that.

Will our clients know they are using a third-party application? Will we be able to customize the platform with my agency branding?

Yes. It’s easy customize Broker Buddha with your agency logo and branding. Your customers will interact with the platform as if they are working directly on your agency website.

What about new business? Can we leverage the platform to grow our book?

You can embed a link on your agency site—some users call it the Magic Link—that connects prospects directly to the platform. You'll get the information you need to turn a potential customer into a longtime client.

When agents set up message templates, can they be personalized? 

Yes, and they won’t come from Broker Buddha—they’ll be sent from an agency email address. You can establish the frequency and tailor the message.

Can agents send multiple quote requests at once?

Yes. Agents and producers can construct a submissions to send to multiple carriers and select contacts. We will send an individual request to each carrier with the same submission information.

How do our clients sign applications?

We provide an e-signature solution. No pen or ink required.

What about all the data we have right now? How do we enter that into the platform when we begin using Broker Buddha?

Our Customer Success team can complete data entry for you, or you can manage the process yourself.

Can we see how active our agency team is on the platform?

Yes, providing visibility and transparency is a key benefit of Broker Buddha. Agency managers can see activity, spot problem areas, and take action.

What kind of reporting is available?

Our platform generates valuable data for brokers and agencies, including internal reporting that measures customer satisfaction, response rates, and team/client activity. If there is information you want that we don’t currently provide, just let us know.

Can we easily track the status of an insurance renewal or application?

You can track everything from the dashboard. It provides a snapshot of all activity. 

If clients need tech support related to using Broker Buddha, will our agents need to provide it?

No. While some agents prefer to handle all interaction with their customers, others choose to activate a Chat feature on the platform that connects customers directly to our team of support experts. They can quickly resolve any issues your clients may face.

What is your onboarding process?

We understand that change, especially important change, can be hard. But we're here to help you make it happen. Once you begin with Broker Buddha, our Customer Success team will begin user training sessions. You’ll have a dedicated team working with you to ensure that you get the most out of our platform. And once the initial onboarding process is complete, our team will continue to connect with you regularly. Our Customer Success experts earn consistent praise, and we’ll have you up and running on our platform in no time. 

Can someone walk us through the software and how it works?

For sure. We’d love to provide an informative demo. Just send an email to sales@brokerbuddha.com or book a demo here.