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About Broker Buddha

Broker Buddha helps Commercial Insurance Brokers win more business by moving the application and renewal process into an interactive, customer-friendly online experience.

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Why Us?

Interactive Smart Forms

Our Smart Forms won't scare clients. They ask only the questions you need.

Cross-Form Field Mapping

Clients enter data ONCE. After all, this isn't the doctors office.


Clients sign applications when they submit. Email ping-pong wastes your clients' time.


Automated Reminders

Schedule gentle reminders for clients. You know how forgetful they can be!

AMS Integrations

No more double entry. Who likes to type things more than once?

Custom Form Editor

Hide irrelevant questions, mark fields required, add tooltips, or build your own forms from scratch.

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Time is money. We guarantee you'll save time and money. More than enough to cover our monthly fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every single one. We digitize forms the forms you use today, and make them available online for your clients.

They're interactive. We only show questions the clients need to see. We let them upload attachments they have or write out explanations which we convert into an attachment.

Nobody likes answering the same question over and over on different applications. We identify questions which are identical across forms and create a field mapping so customers only answer a particular question 1 time, regardless of how many times it's asked on different forms.

Travelers, Hanover, Chubb, CNA, CFC, ERisk, ACE, InsureTrust, and a host of others.

In short, YES! AMS systems are old and clunky, but they're coming around. We'll need your permission to do the integration, but we have all the tools we need to do it quickly and easily.

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