Broker Buddha Self-Onboarding

Welcome to Broker Buddha Intro Video


Make Broker Buddha look and feel your own

  • Graphics - Add all Agency Logos for Portal Branding
  • Messages - Change Email Template(s) for all emails triggered from platform
  • Reminders - Change Email Template(s) for all reminder emails triggered from platform
  • Styling - Change Main Color and Outgoing Email Font

Additional Features

Decide if you would like your Agency to Utilize our additional features

  • NPS - Turn the NPS Survey On/Off for Applications
  • Upsell - Turn Upsell Feature On/Off
  • Quote Requests - Change Due Date for Carrier Quote Request Emails


For the best Broker Buddha experience make sure to go through the following Settings.

  • Edit Agency Profile - Enter Agency Address and Agency License for auto population within Forms
  • Users – Manage your team's platform access
  • Applications - Change Default Settings for Dashboard, Web Links, Application Settings
  • Tracking - Enter Google Tag ID for tracking (optional)
  • Links Setup - Change Insured Application Link Expiration Time

User Settings

For the best Broker Buddha experience make sure to go through the following Settings.

*Broker Buddha highly recommends completing these steps prior to engaging with insureds.


Understanding your Dashboard and how to Navigate it

Filter your Dashboard between the different types of applications you may have

  • Active
  • New Business
  • Renewal
  • E-Signature
  • Prior Year

Learn how to organize and utilize your Dashboard to maximum efficiency

  • Filter based on Effective Date of an application
  • Add Effective Dates from the Dashboard
  • Close Expired Applications

Smart Form Library

Understanding how to navigate our library and create a custom form

What is an Application?

The term application within Broker Buddha stands for a form or set of forms created to send to an insured

There are 3 different types of Insured Facing Applications:

  • New Business
  • Renewal
  • E-Signature

There are 2 types of Renewal Prep applications:

  • Prior Year
  • Service Request

Why create a Prior Year application?:

  • Entering last years application data will allow you to see a comparison report once the renewal is submitted.

How to Create a Form Bundle

A Form Bundle can be two or more forms used together frequently

  • If you frequently use forms together you will want to create a form bundle
  • For a particular type of renewal i.e., Lawyers Professional Liability Renewal – PL Renewal, Attorney Roster, Claim Supplement
  • For additional forms you want to add to every application i.e., attachments and notes, client instructions, client feedback form
  • If a form you use frequently has a question that prompt an additional form i.e., If you answer yes to this question, you must complete this additional supplemental
  • If you go to market frequently and switch between different Carrier supplementals you can create a bundle that only shows 1 form and has additional forms hidden from the insured
  • Configurations in Form Bundles are independent of configurations of an individual form
  • It is important to note that all Upsell and Web Links are automatically created as Form Bundles


Feature that allows clients to add additional lines of coverages at renewal


  • Ability to upsell/cross-sell a client on additional lines of coverage at the end of their application
  • Figure out which LOB you want to upsell, then figure out which forms you want the insured to complete if selected


Renewal Workflow

New Business Workflow

E-Signature Workflow


Guided in-platform training

Click "Guided Help" as shown on the right side in the image below to access guided in-platform training.